Quantic Corry Offers Airborne K Band Strip Line Filters

Quantic Corry, then Corry Micronics,  has been designing and manufacturing Strip Line Bandpass Filters with a center frequency of 23GHz since 2017.

According to company leadership: “We got a request by a major social media company to create an extremely lightweight filter for their communication drones.”

“During this task, our engineering staff faced several design challenges. However, after many hours of design simulations and build constraints, the CMI team was finally able to meet every specification for this product.”

One of the most challenging specifications was that our customer requested that the filter be surface mountable. They also wanted the installation to use standard off-the-shelf solders.

But, according to Jim Price, VP of Engineering: “We like new and difficult challenges, and this was certainly one that tested our staff’s abilities.” 

The filter is enclosed in a gold-plated housing and weighs only 0.46 grams or 0.0163 oz. The overall size is 0.5” by 0.2” by 0.115”. The small form factor and weight make it a perfect fit for all applications, but it is especially perfect for airborne applications where weight and size are critically important. 

For more information on our Airborne K Band Strip Line Filters, give the Quantic Corry sales team a call. Our sales group will put you directly in touch with our engineering staff. Working together, we will provide you with several filtering options that will meet your exact needs. You can also contact Quantic Corry’ Director of Sales, CJ McBride at 724-940-7556 ext 138 or at cmcbride@cormic.com.

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