Team Spotlight: Eric Zacherl, Senior Engineer

quantic corry team spotlight eric zacherl

Eric Zacherl is a Senior Engineer at Quantic Corry, and his unique background, skillset, and job description might surprise you!

His primary responsibility at Quantic Corry is to design total customer solutions, which encompasses the design, layout, simulation, and testing of printed circuit boards including RF, analog, digital and mixed signal circuits.

However, he is also responsible for:

• Mentoring less experienced engineers and technicians.
• Interfacing with end users to determine product requirements.
• Making ongoing product improvements.
• Participating in the company’s business development effort.
• Providing customer education and conducting webinars.

While this list might seem somewhat diverse at first glance, Eric is well-suited to and enthusiastic about the wide range of tasks.

“I enjoy working at Quantic Corry because of the collaborative environment, the unique products we design, and the breadth of services we provide,” he explains. “My co-workers are very skilled, friendly, and trustworthy. Said simply, I get paid to do cool stuff with people that I like.”

Prior to joining Quantic Corry in 2020, Eric compiled two decades of experience at companies that included Identifi Technologies and Magnetek Corporation, serving as a Lead IC Designer, Radio Design Engineer, and Senior Project Engineer.

But his background is equally varied!

To begin, he is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Tuba Performance, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Tuba Performance, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

In addition, beyond what’s listed above, Eric is a musician and private school educator in the Electrical Engineering area. This unique mix of passions and skills has served him well in all phases of his life.

Keep up the good work, Eric!

“One thing I learned during my music performance studies is that if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. You cannot just maintain a certain performance level. I’ve since learned that this translates into all facets of life including faith, health, personal relationships, and work skills. You must continue to improve them all or you lose what you have.”

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