Quantic™ Electronics Acquires Union Technology Corporation

Warrendale, PA, July 27, 2021 – Quantic Electronics recently announced that it acquired Union Technology Corporation (UTC), a leader in design, development, and manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors and industrial applications.

UTC specializes in surface mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors and high frequency switch mode power supply capacitors for aerospace, military, telecommunications, and industrial applications.

The acquisition adds another offering to Quantics’ deep and successful portfolio – which Quantic Corry became a part of in 2021. With the addition of this producer of capacitors, Quantics can serve a broader range of applications that will help solve customers’ design challenges.

Quantic is an electronic component company that is focused on defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics. They have over a century of combined experience as reliable problem-solvers, and they are trusted partners in military, aerospace, industrial and commercial markets.

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