Privacy Policy

Use of personal information that is gathered from our website

On our website we have one section for gathering personal information. This section is titled request information and can be accessed from our tab titled request information on our home page or on the top row of tabs found in the section titled contact us.

What information is required to be filled out on the request for information form?

We need at least your contact information, either a phone or fax number or e-mail address.

What do we do with this information?

Quantic Corry will ensure that any personal information gathered through our website will remain confidential. All information received will be only used for the intended or stated purpose.

How do we control this provided personal information?

Personal information that is submitted through our website will not be sold or transferred to a third party. If you would like to make changes or have Quantic Corry delete your personal information just send your request to or Quantic Corry, Inc, One Plastics Road, Corry, PA 16407.