Specialists in RF and Microwave Design Engineering

At Quantic Corry we have developed several microwave product lines that cover every customer’s need. These product lines are various types of ceramic and non-ceramic DC and RF filters, RF power amplifiers, attenuators, pin diode RF switches, remote controlled RF switches, RF Switch matrices and shielded EMI enclosure filters which include USB, Ethernet, and HDMI styles.

Quantic Corry has been designing and manufacturing ceramic tubular and discoidal feedthrus for over 40 years. We can package these ceramic capacitors into many different mechanical packages such as Bolt-in, solder-in, and filter plate arrays. Also we offer filtered connectors from D-Sub, MIL circular, and filtered terminal blocks. Our engineers can custom blend the ceramic dielectric to best serve your application.

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RF Filter Designs Types

  1. Discreet component filters
  2. Cavity filters
  3. Comb filters
  4. Helical filters
  5. Ceramic based

Filter Circuit Types

  1. Bandpass filters
  2. Notch filters
  3. Low and high pass filters
  4. Combination filters

Along with the separate filters we also design and manufacture diplexers, triplexers and multiplexers. These are devices that are designed to combine or separate two or more channels where their frequencies are close and would interfere with each other if not properly combined.

RF Attenuators:

Standard RF attenuators are designed as a 4 or 6 bit attenuator, other designs are available. The attenuators require a supply voltage of +/- 5v DC. The voltage variable attenuators are current-controlled devices. These devices are offered as reflective or absorptive. The attenuators are capable of attenuation of 2dB to 50dB.

Pin Diode Switches:

The pin diode RF Switch product line covers a wide frequency range from 20MHz to 18GHz. The RF switches are designed to be TTL compatible operating at +5v DC. Standard switches are rated for 1 watt of continuous power. PIN diode switching can be very fast, switching a few million times per second. Isolation can be the highest of any technology reaching 80 dB at 18GHz and higher.

Remote control RF Switches:

Our off the shelf is the DCR-8 which is an eight port switch remotely controllable via USB or Ethernet. The switch automatically recognizes either type of control connection. The operating frequency of the DCR-8 is from 20MHz to 18GHz. The DCR-8 can be custom designed for customer specific bandwidths and switching port applications.

RF Switch Matrices:

Our RF Switch Matrix is used whenever there is a need to distribute multiple RF input signals to multiple outputs. There are many situations for which this is needed. For example, it is useful in a production test or lab environment to switch various signal generators, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, power meters, modulators and the like into or out of test products. Other uses are switching banks of transmitters and receivers to multiple antennas or distributing video channels around a CATV Head End. In all of these applications the matrix eliminates the need to manually connect and reconnect different RF paths, saving on labor, reducing human error and preserving consistency.

The typical matrix is a 19″ wide rack-mount unit with multiple RF connectors. Height depends upon complexity and number of connections required. Usually the matrix operates under remote software control through a serial port or an Ethernet or USB connection. If local control is desired, a keypad/display or a touchscreen can allow a user to enter the desired connection paths.

Matrices can come in many sizes and types. Unless a customer has special signal conditioning requirements, matrices are specified as to how many inputs, how many outputs and type. Standard matrix types are Blocking, Non-Blocking and Super Non-Blocking.

Shielded EMI enclosure filters:

Our engineering group has designed USB, 10Base-T Ethernet and HDMI filters.

As you can see, we specialize in custom designs to meet your specific application. Call us for a free in-house evaluation of your next project.