Team Spotlight: Jeff Gibala, Principal Engineer

quantic corry team spotlight jeff gibala

Like many of his colleagues, Principal Engineer Jeff Gibala wears multiple hats at Quantic Corry. His primary responsibility is to develop new products, which essentially involves system and circuit design for switches, amplifiers, and switch matrices.

However, he is also responsible for various aspects of:

  • Project management for new product development.
  • Customer technical support.
  • Supporting certain elements of the company’s marketing effort.
  • Conducting Tech Talk Webinars.
  • Traveling to customer locations in support of the company’s sales effort.

Working with the Business Development team to identify new opportunities.

In addition, Jeff regularly works with various team members to conduct root cause analyses and to address any complications that might arise throughout the product development and design processes.

“I enjoy solving complex problems and don’t give-up easily,” he explains. “It can take time to analyze and work through component design challenges. Trial-and-error is often involved, and, in those moments, I like to think about Thomas Edison’s famous quote about not having failed but instead having found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
Prior to joining Quantic Corry in 2015, Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Penn State University. He then went on to amass over two decades of experience working on a wide range of product types such as RF signal processing components, receivers, high power amplifiers, transmitters, and wireless power devices in industries that included broadcast television, cable television, medical devices, and defense.

He has held the positions of Senior Electrical Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Principal Engineer at several organizations including Tollgrade Communications, Powercast, and ClearCount Medical Solutions, and holds multiple patents in the Radio Frequency, Communications, and Medical Device sectors.

Keep up the good work, Jeff!

“Perseverance and stick-to-itiveness are important factors in product development as well as in achieving overall success in life. As Yogi Berra so eloquently pointed out, ‘it aint over ‘til it’s over’!”

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