Quantic Corry Tech Talk: I/O Filters Overview

Watch this recording of our recent webinar in which Quantic Corry's Senior Engineer Eric Zacherl defines I/O filters ...
quantic corry tech talk i/o filters

Quantic Electronics at IMS 2023

Quantic Electronics attended the IMS Microwave Symposium 2023. The show was held from June 11-16th in San Diego.
quantic corry blog video ims 2023

Quantic Electronics Careers

Quantic Electronics is on a mission to define and deliver the future of mission-critical electronics. We're looking for ...
quantic corry careers video

Microwaves & RF Quick Chat with Quantic Electronics

MWRF_Quantic from Endeavor Business Media Microwaves & RF Senior Editor David Maliniak recently interviewed Jeff Hassannia, Chief Growth ...
Microwaves & RF Quick Chat with Quantic Electronics

First True High Power Broadband Switch

At IMS 2019, Quantic Corry (formerly Corry Micronics) shared the industry's first true broadband (2 - 18 GHz) ...
quantic corry video first true high power broadband switch

Operating Parameters To Consider When Choosing An Amplifier

In this video, Jeffrey Gibala, principal engineer for Quantic Corry, discusses what operating parameters one should consider when ...
quantic corry video operating parameters to consider when choosing an amplifier

High Power RF Switch Considerations

Don Pavlek discusses design considerations for high power RF switches. Watch this video to learn more about peak ...
quantic corry video high power rf switch considerations

Ultra Lightweight Bandpass Filter

Director of Sales, CJ McBride highlighted our incredibly lightweight microwave bandpass filters at IMS 2016 trade show. Watch ...
quantic corry video ultra lightweight bandpass filter

RF Filter Design And Selection Considerations

In this video, Jim Price, VP of engineering with Quantic Corry, discusses the considerations design engineers should consider ...
quantic corry video rf filter design and selection considerations

High Performance In Hard-To-Do Microwave Components

Your browser does not support the video tag. Bob Meilleur with Quantic Corry gives us a glimpse into ...
quantic corry video high performance in hard-to-do microwave cmoponents

New RF Switch Matrix Offering A 5µs Switching Speed

Your browser does not support the video tag. Don Pavlek took some time out during a busy day ...
quantic corry video new rf switch matrix

3-Channel LOW-PIM Attenuator

Your browser does not support the video tag. Quantic Corry's 3 channel, LOW PIM attenuator covers the 400 ...
quantic corry video 3 channel low pim attenuator

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