Low Pass LC Filter


5G trials are under way and the requirements for filtering are continuing to grow. At Quantic Corry, we have developed all types of filtering using different technologies. For example, in the US market there are several bands that have been allocated for 5G. The lower frequency allocation in the US market is centered around 600MHz. At these low frequencies filtering can be easily and cost competitively designed using several different filtering technologies. The types range from discrete LC to cavity, combline, interdigital, Helical, ceramic resonator and tubular. An example of a standard LC discrete component filter is pictured below.

Spec Sheet

Part Number Passband (MHZ) Rejection (dB @ MHZ) Power (W) VSWR
CMILPF-600MS 100-600 50dB @800 10 1.25:1
CMILPF-1990-80S 50-1990 >80dB @ 2140-3600 50 1.7:1